Great Winter Ideas for Grandkids of All Ages

Feb 4, 2024 | Funtime

Great Winter Ideas for Grandkids of All Ages

Grab your hot cocoa, make some delicious chocolate chip cookies and consider our suggestions for one of those days with the grandchildren that already has indoor written all over it. Don’t go crazy- just because it’s a nasty winter day. What can grandma and grandpa offer to their grandchildren of varied ages? We have got you covered! Take a look below. No matter what you do – it’s all about being together, and all these ideas can be tailored to any age.

Set up A Hot Cocoa Bar!
When the temperature starts to dip, want to treat your grandkids to a little special treat? What better excuse to throw a hot chocolate bar party? Whether you’re hosting a holiday party, or just enjoying a cozy weekend with the family, hot chocolate bars are always a great idea. Setting up the bar is incredibly easy — and fun. Not to mention, the toppings (candy canes, marshmallows, and sprinkles of all sorts) are so cute and double as decor. Pulling together a hot chocolate bar doesn’t need to break the bank either. Grab some whipped cream to finish off their masterpieces!

Do science experiments.
Kids LOVE science experiments.
Make ice crystals.
Just like your grandkids are unique, no two snowflakes are exactly alike. Show your precious youngsters how special they are by creating one-of-a-kind ice crystals at home. Follow these simple instructions using a few basic supplies and watch your frosty creations begin to form as early as the next morning. Left untouched, more crystals will form in the days ahead – perfect for an extended sleepover at your place!

Read a book.
When together, curl up with your grandchild in a cozy chair or crawl into a blanket fort to enjoy a favorite book. If distance or social distancing doesn’t allow for physical togetherness, read together over Facetime or Zoom.

When selecting books to read, think about sharing a favorite from your childhood or asking your grandchildren to suggest one of their favorites. And if you simply want to read something new, here’s a great list for helping make the choice.

Spend some time in the kitchen.
Make a snack, bake cookies, or cook a meal together. It really does not matter what you are creating. The value is in the togetherness. If your grandchildren are too young to man the stove or oven, let them help “measure” ingredients and stir. With younger children, you can also opt for a no-bake, no cook recipe like trail mix or make the salad for dinner together! And don’t fret over the mess- there’s plenty of time for clean-up.

Get their bodies moving.
Turn on some music and dance like no one is watching, dream up your own indoor Olympics competition, follow along with some Zumba YouTube videos, or do some traditional calisthenics. Make an indoor (safe) obstacle course and stage your own marathon. For the older kids, take a walk even if the temperatures are frigid (be sure to bundle up!). Enjoy spending time and chatting with each other.

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