Halloween Fun for Adults, Too!
Well, it’s finally here. October has rolled around and we know that means it’s Halloween time.  This year things are different not only for the kids, but also for adults alike who love celebrating with their friends.  Regardless, this may mean a dinner with your family (if that’s even available); and if not — make a fun time for you and your spouse. With this COVID crisis, we all have had to change so many things up, but that’s not to say we can’t have fun — a little imagination, a little creativity and who knows what will come. Who says Halloween is just for the kiddos? The season for dressing up and eating copious amounts of sugar is here; we think you’ll enjoy this crazy awesome list of party ideas. It’s the adult version, and it’s family friendly.

Classy Halloween.
1. Classy Halloween.
If you’re thinking of hosting a classy-esque Halloween dinner party, your choices for decor are endless. Add the color white to the traditional Halloween colors (orange and black) to add a little class. Use this trio of colors to inspire your decor. We love the idea of using teeny-tiny pumpkins as plate toppers.

Frankenstein bash.
2. Frankenstein bash.
Just because it’s an adult party, doesn’t mean it can’t have a little spunk. We love this Frankenstein Halloween party invite. Sending real paper invites is a sure sign of something to look forward to. It also makes it harder to flake on. Fun Halloween Invites by Postable  (pro tip: they will mail them as well!)

3. Ghost-Cubes
Um, ice cubes in the shape of a hand? Ghosts!! We kind of wouldn’t mind icing our drinks with these cubes even if it wasn’t Halloween. Creepy drinks are always in demand. We love this Halloween idea of making an ice face and hands by simply freezing water in latex gloves. Then, simply add to your favorite punch.

Creepy Ribs
4. Creepy Ribs
A Halloween party dinner wouldn’t be complete without the main course. You’ll surely have a scare with this Halloween food idea. Get the recipe for these creepy ribs; don’t forget the red bell pepper, stick a knife into it, and you’re done!

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