Reading to our grandchildren is a gift, a joy, and something you and they will always cherish. It’s a special bonding time, filled with quality moments. Even if you are on different continents or in different cities, or just a few blocks away, you can still read a book to your grandkids. It’s holiday time, and any of these books will be a memorable and fun-filled gift. Here are a few sites that will make this experience happen for you, and supply that connecting feeling we all love, and hope for.


Recordable storybooks really are the gift that keeps on giving. Go to and choose from a selection of some of your favorite books/authors. There’s a specific holiday collection for this festive season of the year, but also there are books that are terrific for any occasion.  Each recordable book comes with voice-capture technology. The directions are simple. Open the book and push record.  Watch your volume control; you may need to record at a few different levels to ensure the volume that suits you or the recipient. After you record each page, your voice will play back automatically.  If you are happy with the volume, then go to the next page; if not, re-record. Books are recommended for ages 18 month and up, retail for $19.95 and $29.95, and include three AA batteries.


Holiday Reading is All Year Round #2Next, check out the interactive buddy books at and look at this wonderful selection of fun books. Imagine sitting with your grandchild as you read one of her/his favorite books and the character in the book is sitting in your lap as well — and this character speaks up at various key times as you are reading. How fun is that! One of our favorites is Christopher’s Night at Grandma and Grandpa’s. Book prices vary, but most are $9.95, and with the buddy, $34.95.




With this site, you record your voice/voices reading a book online with audio and video. Your grandchild will literally see and hear you reading the book! You can record the books on MAC, PC or Ipad 2. There are hundreds of books to choose from.  Recording one book is $6.99, or there are subscriptions with unlimited recordings for one price, i.e., a six-month plan is $9.99 per month. Go to: