A WONDERFUL site for all things art(ful)

Okay, we continue to search for only the best of the best for our readers; and this is one of the very BEST EVER!

Do you have a grandchild or know a parent of a child who is yearning to be creative, loves art in all forms, and has a special interest in sensory stimulation?  This family-fun site, www.artfulparent.com, is a one-stop shop for ideas, seasonal crafts, resources, and ‘how-to’ when it comes to everything art-related for children. Artfulparent.com is founded and directed by Jean Van’t Hul, author of The Artful Year and The Artful Parent. Van’t Hul’s passion for enabling children to experience art is ever so present on this site, which offers unique ideas and hundreds of art activities to enjoy together. You will not believe the extent of the ideas right at your fingertips!