Lets High Five Grandpas and Dads!

This Father’s Day let’s show our love and appreciation for the Grandfathers and all those special men that help mold our families in more ways than they know! Here’s a great poem that perfectly describes how we feel: 

“Grandpa has ears that truly listen,
arms that always hold,
love that’s never-ending,
and a heart that’s made of gold.”

Grandpas, and grandparents in general, are sometimes the best teachers for our children and grandchildren! The stories and exchanges that are told while grandpa and grandchild are curled up together on a sofa, or perhaps exchanged at the playground, will resonate in the lives of our grandchildren as they grow and evolve. Telling family stories to the grandchildren is an important grandparent function. 

Research shows that hearing stories about family members overcoming hardship can actually help children become less discouraged when they are faced with hardships.  It’s invaluable for grandparents to tell stories about their own lives. Whether they are informative, humorous, or tragic, such stories can make grandparents more real to their grandchildren. While grandparents sometimes may think they have no interesting stories to tell, this is far from the truth. Don’t ever discount that the simplest stories about your own childhood will stick with your grandchildren the most!

This Father’s Day make sure to take the time to acknowledge and celebrate. While we know many of us are not able to be with all of our loved ones, there are other ways to connect.  One of our favorite ways we have been able to stay connected this year has been over video chat using the Facebook Portal Get it here! Or chat over Facetime. Whatever you choose- get connected now. Happy Father’s Day!