a special feature from Kay & Leslie, founders Grandparentslink.com

One of the most valuable activities you can experience with your grandchild is the joy of reading — at every age! When you were a child or even still today, isn’t it a treat to get a new book, to start reading a fresh new book? Isn’t it fun to talk about your book? Anticipate the next page? Watch the delight in your grandchild’s eyes when the two of you discover a new book, or even read the same one over and over and over. Giving the gift of reading is a little like chocolate…one can never have or get enough.

And, how about using some imagination to makeup stories? Recanting stories from your childhood is something children never tire of. Have you ever made up a story together? This can be a total kick, where you and your grandchild make up outrageous and hysterically funny stories, or stories where a lesson is learned, or a secret thought is shared. We have compiled a few different ways to experience and cultivate the love of reading and story telling:

Show Me a STORY by Emily K. Neuburger is a fantastic book filled with 40 creative projects and activities to enhance, engage, and develop storytelling. For ages 5 and up, this book is filled with ideas like a story telling jar, story stones, story dice, a story grab bag, a magical mailbox, and more. The experience of putting a story together with a beginning, middle, and end teaches story structure, promotes thought and fosters creativity. This book will give you and your grandchildren hours of pleasure. You can even do many of the activities with your adult friends.

Go to: https://amzn.to/1a69ca1

The Little Book Club, a month-to-month book club, is tailor-made for children of any age. You sign up, tell the site how old your grandchild is, and he/she will be sent three new books every month suited to the child’s specific age and developmental level. As the child gets older, the books become more advanced. You, the subscriber will be billed $24.95 per month, and can cancel at any time.

Go to: https://www.thelittlebookclub.com/

As soon as you join the Children’s Book of the Month Club, you can choose six free books, plus receive a $2 gift. You then must purchase 4 books at regular Club prices within the next year. You may cancel the membership any time after this. Right now, there is a special offer. You can purchase your first Club membership for $4.95 (plus shipping, processing, and tax), and the commitment will only be for three books. Take a look. The variety of books is astounding and outstanding. And you just may want to do this for more than three months!

Go to: https://www.cbomc.com/pages/nm/howitworks/howItWorks.jsp