We’ve got three great products and ideas for you- surely you will want to get right on it.  There is music galore, which will keep you in the groove; a fabulous art project for the little ones; and something for the new Daddy who is often forgotten amidst all the excitement.

Nothing is Better than a Peewee Playlist!

Music is universally soothing, so why not have the little one’s playlist at your fingertips wherever you are, whenever you want. Now you can, and we think every grandparent should go ahead and get with it!  Similar to Pandora, Slacker Radio, a free online music resource, offers radio for that under three-foot set.  Best of all, you can access it from anywhere you are – at home, on a trip, at the beach, etc.


Loads of Fun for Everyone #2Go Ahead and Let Them Write on The Walls—But Only These Walls!

Okay, so how many times have we heard: “don’t write on the walls” – over and over again right? Well, here’s a great twist – go ahead and let the kids write on these walls, and only these walls!  There‘s a new product from Graham & Brown (the Wallpaper genius) that offers a new product called ‘Color in Frames Wallpaper’, all with the budding artist in mind.   Grandparentslink loves the idea that you can create a project as unique as your special little one.  Go ahead and designate an out of the way area where your grandchild can do his/her own custom artwork on these sheets. The wallpaper is easy to hang; you will need to buy the paste separately since there is no adhesive on the paper.  Once hung, all you need is a bunch of markers on hand and a bit of creativity.

Prices start at $45.00

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Now, what about that New Daddy (to-be)?

The new daddy (to be) is on a whirlwind just as much as the new mommy. The only difference is that often times Daddy gets kind of forgotten or pushed out of all the happenings, hoopla, or fun, like showers and parties. Here’s a great idea to make him feel so much a part of it all and let him know someone is thinking of him as well. Get him his own set of Daddy things like scrubs, tees, hat, mugs, pens and more. You can create a great gift set for that special guy.