Pets are family… let’s spoil them too!

Mar 15, 2018 | Funtime

We all know how much love and joy our furry four-legged friends bring to our life, so here are some things we think are just great for pets and their people!

Lava Red Poochlight
Lava Red Poochlight™ Collar + Leash Value Combo
Black Staffies and Red collars were made for one another! What hot-blooded lady doesn’t like Valentino red? Here’s Roxy (pup in photo) super-modeling it up in her Lava Red Poochlight™ Collar. Keep them safe, bright and in sight with the Poochlight™ Illuminating dog collar.
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Indoor Dog House
Inside Dog House
Give your dog a cozy place of his own with pet bed furniture. Perfect for small and medium-sized dogs, this indoor doghouse provides a safe and comfortable oasis with a soft cushion inside. This pet furniture also contains bowls and supply space, making it a convenient option for both the pet and owner.
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Gel Cell Cooling Pad
Gel Cell Cooling Pad with Tri-Core Charcoal Infused Memory Foam Comfort
Utilizing charcoal-infused, odor-absorbing technology to safely and naturally dissipate excess heat away from your pet, the Tri-Core gel cells add additional cooling power, while two extra foam core layers provide maximum support for rest and rejuvenation.
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Oprah's pick kennel club dog plate
Oprah’s Pick Kennel Club Dog Plate
Puppy Love.  These Kennel Club Dogs are the Best in Show!  Admit it…life is better with a dog! Ceramic plate (decorative use only)
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pet whistle
Your pet’s location and activity will be sent directly to your phone. Whistle GPS Pet Tracker combines the best on-collar GPS tracking device with a simple mobile app, putting your pet’s needs and location right at your fingertips, whenever you need it. It’s also the first device and app system to combine location-tracking and smart activity monitoring into one simple experience.
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Wire and dine
Wire & Dine
Sculptural and functional, Wire & Dine includes two stainless steel bowls. Small feeders are available in 1-cup or 3-cup sized bowls. Medium and large feeders come with 8 cup-sized bowls.
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