Hey, what’s all the fun?… a Sip ‘n See Party- that’s what!


There are so many celebrations for a new baby, some happen before they are born with much anticipation and excitement, and many take place after the birth. A Sip ‘n See Party is basically a baby shower after the baby is born…a kind of party to let everyone gather, gawk, and get their first glimpse of the most precious thing on earth.  You could say a Sip ‘n See is a meet and greet for the new baby and mom.  The tradition of Sip ‘n See some say has Southern roots, but we all know that celebrations, parties, and gatherings are universal.


There are so many fun ideas for this unique type of get together.  From the most simple of get togethers for the immediate family and friends, to more extensive and elaborate parties to introduce the little one; a Sip ‘n See party is all about celebration.  Beautiful cakes, fun decorations, and unique accessories for this type of festive occasion can add all the more fun for such a special time.  Grandparentslink.com (your ‘go to’ website here) has plenty of great places to explore for party, gift and theme accessories. Hint: go into our “Links We Love” section to see more.


As a grandparent, jump in- get involved and lend a helping hand. There’s no doubt this new type of party is something you will hear more and more about.  Go ahead, make a great personalized banner to hang, cupcakes with the baby’s name, or whatever decoration suits the party atmosphere, and enjoy that glass of lemonade or champagne – after all, it’s your time to celebrate, you are now the proud grandparent!!!