Get Spring (ing) with Great Gardening Ideas

from the desk of  Leslie and Kay, Founders

We can feel it in the air. Ahh, Spring is just about to burst. Early signs of Crocus, Daffodils, and Tulips make us all shake off the winter blues, and embrace the next season, which marks the great outdoors. Spring definitely is about having ants in your pants! Go ahead and sit outside on the grass together with your grandchild and just smell the next season. What better way to enjoy than to start some early projects with your grandchildren. Together you can enjoy the fruits of your labor, and it doesn’t have to be complicated – simple windowsill herb pots can be a great activity together. Go to your local gardening store and buy some seeds, and all the accessories for a great project together.

Gardening for kids of all ages unlocks the magic of life – because seeing something grow is as exciting as it can get. Gardening provides keys to mysteries of all living things, and can open up a whole world for both you and your grandchild. By planting something together, you can share this wonder of the ever-changing leafy world. There’s such excitement in children’s eyes when they are tending to a flower garden, sewing magic seeds, potting plants, or just getting dirty while they rake. It doesn’t matter whether it’s indoors or outdoors; it only matters that you are together.

Here are a couple of great ideas:

Go and buy some small clay pots, soil and seeds – have your grandchild decorate the pots with whatever little art materials you have around the house: crayons, markers, paint. Label what you are planting in the pot. Plan ahead for a special day like Mother’s Day, a birthday or such. This can be a well-planned and thought-out gift!

Collect flowers and wrap them in plastic wrap. Then get a book and create a flower press. You can preserve some pretty nifty memories this way.

Get some gardening accessories for the little ones. Are you an avid outdoor gardener, or just like to piddle outside? Doesn’t matter–get them a pair of their own gloves, tools (age appropriate), and let them help create the next

‘garden of fairies’ or ‘jack in the beanstalk’.

The possibilities are endless, and there are some great web sites out there to get fabulous kid appropriate gardening materials. We particularly love this site because you won’t believe what they have for both indoor and outdoor projects. All you need is a little time and enthusiasm.  Go to:

For some sophisticated pots, terrariums, wall planters, windowsill planters, vintage bathtub planters and stands, sprout kits, and even grow-your-own mushroom kits, be sure to go to: