Children are sponges. Speak more than one language? Naturally incorporate your second language or perhaps your native-born language into favorite sayings while chatting with your grandchild.  Children can speak a little Spanish, a little Chinese, Italian, Russian, or any language they are exposed to.  It’s quite adorable to hear a 2 ½ year old tell you her food is “no bueno”, or ask for “nai, nai”, which means milk in Chinese. How much more interesting for her to say something is “zha, zha” when she refers to something being dirty. It sounds so much better than saying the word “garbage”. Before you know it, your little one is speaking words and phrases in multiple languages. And then, play some of the wonderful children’s cd’s or some of your favorite songs and before you know it, she’ll be singing “Volare” in Italian or the “Itsy Bitsy Spider” in Spanish. Open up her world and yours and enjoy the melodic sounds of the universe.