Summer Camp & Children

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Okay, so we get to the point where our grandchildren are ready for a bigger step as they mature in to young individuals. For many, this means it’s time to consider summer camp (overnight and sleepaway). Although, as grandparents, we are not responsible for making decisions about the grandchildren and their camps, often times it does become a family discussion. Given all the factors that create the right experience and right match for kids, we think it may be a good idea to choose a professional who can help facilitate parents in making the right match for a prospective camper. Summer 365 is one of the premier counseling destinations who offer such a service.

choosing the right overnight camp or teen program

The importance of choosing the right overnight camp or teen program for a child is paramount to them having a successful summer. Summertime is a time to be free, explore, build confidence, and have new adventures. The magic of camp creates an environment of confidence, loyalty, responsibility, bravery, teamwork, and sportsmanship for kids that is so important for their development.

Summer 365 is a consulting service created by parents for parents with a customized and holistic approach to finding the perfect summer experience for children and family. Their team of experts has insider knowledge on over 500 of the top sleepaway camps and summer programs for children and teens 7-18. They make it easier for parents to navigate in the search process and find whatever they’re looking for in a camp; i.e. whether it’s a traditional or specialty sleepaway camp, community service, performing arts, enrichment, wilderness, or language immersion program.

The experts from Summer 365 are made up of camping veterans, all the way to first-time parents of campers, and everything in between. This network provides a depth of education in making such an important decision. As trusted advisors, they love sharing information, tips, advice, and experiences to assist parents in this new chapter of their parenting journey!




*Summer Camp & Children is a collaborative feature from Julie Kaiden, Director of Details, and our guest contributor to, Jessica Anfang who resides with her husband, two children and dogs in Westchester, NY, where she is an active board member for 914 Cares, a non-profit organization supporting children and families in need. Julie may be contacted at:,