With summer right around the corner, we know everyone gets excited for a season of great fun. Here is the perfect list of indoor & outdoor activities for the entire family to try out together!* We promise you a summer full of laughter and terrific memories!

  1. Geocaching– If you’ve never heard of geocaching, you need to check it out! It’s basically an outdoor treasure-hunting game where your family uses a hand-held GPS to hide and seek containers called “geocaches” or “caches” filled with fun, random treasures. Trust us, the kids will love it! Try out this great GPS GET IT HERE
  2. Park Hopping Going to the park is fun, but going to lots of parks is even more fun. Right? Google search your local area for all the parks close to you and make a day of it! Hopping around from one park to the other will keep those kids entertained like no other!
  3. Berry Picking Summer is the perfect time to take the family berry picking.   Afterward, you can make jam or a fruit pie together. This is a great site that shows you where to find pick-your-own fruit and vegetable farms and orchards in your state.  This site also has great tips for canning and freezing jams.
  4. Random Acts of Summer Service– Get out together as a family to do some service. It doesn’t matter if it’s picking up trash at the local park, offering to wash the neighbor’s car, or taking donated toys to a local charity.
  5. Library Scavenger Hunt Too hot to be outside? Try a library scavenger hunt! It is a fun way to spend a hot summer afternoon with the kids. Just make a checklist of clues, and let the kids have fun exploring the local library and getting in some summer reading.
  6. Wacky Game Night Host a fun family game night featuring pudding Pictionary and ice cream sculpting. Who wouldn’t love painting pictures with pudding and sculpting their own ice cream masterpieces with a couple of spoons?! This one is a winner!
  7. Fancy & Formal Family Dinner Let the kids help turn your dining room into your own family restaurant for the night and host a fancy, formal dinner- just because! Pull out a nice tablecloth and eat by candlelight. Teach the kids how to set a proper table setting and go over dining etiquette. You could even have everyone get dressed up in their best clothes for the occasion. Any day can be a special occasion if you make it one.
  8. Build a Blanket Fort Help bring the kids’ imagination to life and remember how much you used to love making blanket forts when you were kids. After all, all children really want is for you to help them make the ultimate clubhouse. Fill it with all the sweet treats you can imagine and let them play!
  9. Backyard Obstacle Course Make your own obstacle course in the backyard using whatever outdoor toys you can find. (Hula-hoops, balls, stools, jump ropes, and kiddie pools all work great.) Then take turns timing each other and racing through the course to see who can get the fastest time.
  10. Backyard Campout Now this is a family activity they’ll remember forever. You don’t need to drive to a campground to go camping. Just set up your tent in your own backyard and get ready for some serious fun. (If you want, you can even have a backyard barbecue, or grill your own burgers before camping out for the night.)

*Portions of article reprinted from: https://www.thedatingdivas.com/family-fun/50-fun-easy-family-activities-summer/