Super Fun Kids Stuff to Do

We are now seeing those blue skies, abundant sunshine, smelling the flowers, and all those good things. Here are some activities for you and your grandkids to do outside to soak up the season!

Side walk chalk fun! What kind of games can we do with what we have?  We have sidewalk chalk on hand and really, the sky is the limit with sidewalk chalk. You can make up any game – educational or not with just a few pieces of chalk!
Check it out here!

Blowing and chasing bubbles with your grandkids will get you outdoors and enjoying healthy exercise. It’s a fun activity for all ages. You don’t have to spend money on store-bought bubbles. Making a bubble solution at home will not only save money, but it also introduces kids to how to use the kitchen, measure ingredients, and perform a little easy math. Making homemade bubbles also teaches lessons about reusing and repurposing materials, sparking your child’s imagination.
Check it out here! 

Get outside and play with an easy nature scavenger hunt for kids! We love this simple gross motor play activity! Check it out here! 

Help your children set up a lemonade stand! 
Let’s be honest, it’s pretty darn hard to top the excitement of your first lemonade stand. You get to set up shop outside, make (and drink!) loads of lemonade, and yell (with permission!) to every car, bike, and walker that passes by. And when someone actually stops and gives you money? Forget it! So fun! But what if your kids’ stand could make them feel good and DO good too? We’ve got everything you need to get started, including yummy treats to sell, how-to’s, and an easy DIY stand. Check it out here!