Super Fun Summertime Things to Do!

Jun 21, 2018 | Funtime, Special Features by Leslie & Kay, founders

Super Fun Summertime Things to Do!

a special feature from Leslie Zinberg & Kay Ziplow, founders

It’s no secret that summer is our favorite season. What’s not to love about warm weather, delicious fresh fruits and vegetables, family vacations and most importantly to us, TIME WITH OUR GRANDCHILDREN! We know how fast those little ones come over and destroy your house, so we have gone back into our archives to put together some of our best ideas for keeping everyone enjoying their summer! Let’s make the most of those long days, warm nights, and summer breezes and have the best summer ever!

Look at some of our favorite summertime family activities and recipes, all filled with fun…

Both kids and adults love the idea of some good ole’ competition, or just some fun ideas for activities. Check out our suggestions in this guide, including Create Obstacle Courses.  Just one of many you’ll find here. Craft your own backyard Olympics, and pass out the medals.

For a great movie night, how about a backyard theatre? Produce a Backyard movie night ! Stay close to home and keep costs down. Spread out the blankets and get out the lawn chairs. Set up your TV in the backyard and put on a movie. Don’t forget the s’mores over the BBQ!

Want to get your little one into the garden? Teach them about your green thumb and challenge them to grow the biggest zucchini in your neighborhood.  A little bit of competition always gets the kids going.

Last but not least: The perfect summer night menu! We’ve got you covered here with 9 super delicious and simple recipes for those warm summer nights. All you need to do is to gather up the crowd. We promise there won’t be anything left…


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