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The Art of Writing…Yes, it’s back!

The Art of Writing…Yes, it’s back!

a special feature from Kay & Leslie, founders

A close friend of ours recently expressed her delight as she spoke about corresponding by “regular mail” with her grandchild, and, as a footnote: our friend lived in the same town as her children. It brought to mind the simple fact that while we all shortcut the path of communicating through text and email, Facetime and Skype, how rarely do we send handwritten notes? Yes, that’s right…we’re talking about using the postal service, or the old-fashioned way from yesteryear minus the donkeys!

Whether you live in the same city with your grandchild or you live miles and miles away, why not start writing to your grandchild? This exercise is something that doesn’t even require you to sweat. You can send a postcard, a handmade card, a store-bought greeting, or a simple little note; it does not matter. What IS important is the value of the correspondence and the engagement of communication. What’s even more exciting is encouraging this exchange and hearing back from your grandchild, even if it is a word or two, or a sentence or two, or glory be, a paragraph or two.

If the correspondence idea sparks your interest, then how about sending an envelope to your grandchild filled with cards, fun notepaper, and an array of attractive stamps — and inspire him or her to write back to you? The art of writing and expressing oneself is great practice for everyone; it engages thoughtfulness, creativity and mindful determination to do something from start to finish. More importantly, writing is a wonderful way for the two of you to connect on a different personal level. And, who knows what you might receive in return in the mail: a simple hello, or maybe even an artful masterpiece! would love to hear from you on other ways you have found to make a special connection to your grandchild or family. Come on and share some of your ideas; contact us at

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