Rockabye Toys ( makes the most ridiculously adorable rockers in every style suitable for every taste possible. All American made, using quality hardwoods like Maple and Cherry, together with the most luxurious and plush fabrics, Rockabye has created a special niche in the market of rockers. Not only are the rockers sturdy, safe and well made, they exude a whimsical charm that sets their product apart from all others in this industry. They are definitely out of the ordinary. In addition, each one of the rockers provides an educational component, whether it be musical button keys pad that activates original songs, to shaped buttons that teach ABC’s, colors, numbers, shapes and more. You can choose rockers such as The Buttercup Cow, Bi Plane Rocker, Danny Dinosaur, Elijah the Elephant, Fergie the Frog, Lulu the Lady Bug, and much more. From prehistoric dinosaur to today’s coolest bugs, Rockabye’s characters embody the whimsical world of discovery that marks the first years of baby’s life. No doubt, these characters will become a mainstay in your child’s life and without a doubt; these rockers will become family heirlooms.
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