Ultimate Kid Fun -  Build Your Own Fort!
So, it’s one of those days… maybe rainy, maybe dreary, or a chill is in the summer air; there’s nothing better than curling up with a book on the couch and relaxing. That is, unless you have a few rambunctious kids who feel cooped up indoors. Standard indoor activities like coloring and playing board games can only be fun for so long.

Learning how to build a DIY pillow fort is the perfect way to help keep kids engaged in an adventure — without ever leaving the house. Plus, a cozy construction can help convince your restless kids that bedtime actually can be fun. Best of all- everyone is using their imagination.    

Scrape together a few sheets, blankets, sturdy chairs, and your most comfortable pillows, and you and your kids will have fun for hours. A blanket fort is perfect for everything from sleepovers, to telling spooky bedtime stories. Try bringing some popcorn and a movie into the blanket hideout for extra entertainment. When it’s stormy, or just any day, this activity is great for those who want to save money and spend time together.

Building a fortress out of cushions is great for any get-together! Prepare our DIY pillow fort kit ahead of time or bring it as a gift to the grandkids at their home if you are visiting.  Here’s what you’ll need to get started on the ultimate fortress of pillows:

Pillow Fort Supplies:

  • 1–3 Sheets
  • 5+ cushions
  • 1 Rope
  • 5 Clothespins
  • 1–2 Blankets
  • At least 2 supports (sturdy chairs, couch, or bed)

How to Build a Pillow Fort
Once you have what you need on hand, it’s time to start building. It may take some time to find the best way to build your ultimate blanket fort, but trial and error is all a part of the fun!

1. Choose a Location
You’ll want enough space to make the structure big enough for everyone who plans on getting inside. Don’t forget other factors like entertainment. If you plan on watching a movie, you may want to set up camp not far from a TV. Another thing to consider is ventilation. It can get warm very quickly inside your construction, so make sure you have a fan or window nearby to let heat out.

2. Set Up Sturdy Furniture
Couches and chairs make great starting pieces. There are two ways to use furniture for your fortress. You can either set two chairs opposite each other, no wider than the sheet you plan to use, or set up near a couch. If you have several pieces of furniture, try to set up them up in a circle.

3. Construct Your Roof
It’s best to use your lightest sheet or blanket for the roof so it can support its own weight. If you’re using two chairs, you may want to tie a rope between them, and drape the sheet over it. This will ensure that the sheet does not sag in the middle, and gives the roof the appearance of a tent. If your blanket or sheet tends to slip, use clothespins to secure it to the chairs. You may want to keep the roof on the higher side to allow extra ventilation.

4. Build the Walls
Right now, your structure likely has a number of holes and openings. Use additional sheets, blankets, or couch cushions to fill in these gaps. While pillows are easier to place, you may want to use sheets or blankets for these steps, since they can cover a larger surface area.

5. Fill With Pillows
The ultimate pillow fort looks imposing from the outside, but is a comfortable retreat inside. Use your remaining pillows and blankets to make the floor of your hideout soft. Try setting the pillows up strategically so you have somewhere to sit and lean.

6. Decorate
Now that you’ve built a great blanket fort, it’s time to take it to the next level and let your child make it their own. There are tons of ways to decorate your masterpiece, only limited by your imagination. If your grandchildren are staying over for the weekend, this is the perfect way for them to make a part of your home as their own space. 

Have fun and get creative! 


*Article reprinted from: https://www.sleepadvisor.org/how-to-build-a-pillow-fort/