Welcome to the world of Washy Squashy Soap. This is Sun Feather’s unique and gentle modeling soap, handcrafted with ingredients that are gentle and natural on the skin. All are scented with essential oils and colored with Earth Natural Pigments. This fun sculpting soap will bring out your creative side when you give the grandkids a bath. They will certainly want to suds up with the squishable, clay-like soaps which come in a variety of colors – you can mold them into anything… just let your imagination go.

Artisanal products are made in small quantities by traditional methods. We adhere to the tenets of the “slow” movement, which began with food and are expanding to skin care and cosmetics. The slow movement encourages tradition, and a hands-on approach to production. The Slow Community is grassroots—not organized or controlled by any one organization. SunFeather products are a perfect example of slow, hands-on production. Everything we produce is made methodically in small 25-100 lb. batches. Our attention to detail and high quality, pure product ingredients define our work each day.

Made by Sun Feather, the Natural Soap Company who makes great products for kids!

Available at sunfeather.com in packs of six or by the bar.