Fantastic Watermelon Craft Project

create your own sea-life diorama!

Fresh Watermelon is everywhere- it’s the seasonal fruit that just screams summer!  Nothing goes better than slices of juicy fresh watermelon with a backyard get-together, or day at the beach, or picnic in the park.

Ok, that being said, the famous watermelon can also be used for a fun project with kids of all ages.  All you need is a few ingredients, a lot of newspaper for the drips and juice, and a whole lotta imagination.

We are doing our own sea-life diorama! And, what exactly is a diorama you ask? By definition, it’s a scenic representation using sculpted figures or objects giving way to a realistic and natural exhibit.

This is all about having your grandchild use their imagination… what lives in the sea? What do we find at the beach, at the seashore, and what have we read about?  Use books or magazines to determine how they may want in their sea-life diorama to look.  And while we’ve given you a good list of suggestions for the ingredients- there’s no set limit to really what you can use.

You’ll see, rain or shine creating your own sea – life diorama is a good entertaining project anytime! Help them to identify, create and make their own magical world come into being.

watermelon diorama tools

What you’ll need

½ large watermelon cut in half
(scoop out all the watermelon and don’t waste it – eat it!)
1 paintbrush
3 drops of blue food dye
gummy candy – dolphins, fish, any sea creature
gummy worms – these are your eels
M & M’s
Shredded coconut
1 box light brown sugar
Small shells if you have any!
Green leaves cut small
Small rubber toys that represent the undersea world

How to assemble

Cut your watermelon in half; as mentioned, scoop out all the inside and slice up eat and enjoy! You will not be using it here at all.

After you have cleaned out the meat of the melon, take your paintbrush, and drop a few drops of blue food dye on the brush to paint the inside of the watermelon blue.  This is your undersea living world that you are creating!

On a serving plate that best suits the shape of your watermelon half, place the brown sugar on the plate to resemble sand.  Then place your watermelon half on top of that. This is your view into the undersea creation you are about to make.

Sprinkle flaked coconut at the bottom base of your sand, and on the bottom of the ‘floor’ of the watermelon. You can also sprinkle M & M’s on the brown sugar for that rocky effect.

Next take your toothpicks and create your underwater world: stick gummy creatures to a toothpick and then stick into the sides, and top of the hallowed watermelon… soon you will have an incredible undersea adventure come to life- all from your imagination, and best of all you are creating a fun project together. There’s no set rule – just go with it. If you have some shells, sprinkle them on the bottom inside of the watermelon as well. Place small rubber toys (i.e. a diver, or shipwreck) at the bottom as well.

Use upside down lollipops and place on the sand (they are the base of the trees)-

And you can glue or just stick the leaves in all around the base of the pops. Nothing’s better than the gentle breezes of the palms by the sea.

Remember, this is your creation with your grandchild- enjoy being present in this moment.. laugh together and revel in each and every special moment which gives you time together.