The golden age of stories on the iPad is coming…


Grandparents Link is honored to present Kory Jones, an Emmy award winning Los Angeles based computer artist and professor, who has been lucky enough to work on a long list of high profile projects from Star Wars to the Super Bowl.  A few years ago Kory began designing a game for a wonderful new device with a user interface that amazed him. It was called the iPhone.


Kory says, “Education and entertainment for our children and grandchildren are changing at 100 miles an hour.  And they are on a collision course because of devices like the iPhone and now even more so with the iPad. These devices are so simple a two year old can use them.”


Being a father, Kory wanted to create something that would teach his kids, as they were entertained. No killing zombies or burning buildings. The first app Kory designed was a hidden pictures game with content like the Hidden Pictures™ puzzles in the Highlights Magazines that everyone plays while they are sitting at the doctor’s office. Mobad Media and Highlights made a deal, and now all of us can benefit from these apps filled with content that can be replayed, helping children recognize shapes and improve memory skills like never before.


After seeing the success of the Highlights apps, Kory decided to tackle storybooks. “Nobody has gotten it perfect yet but there are some really innovative iPad apps that help your grandchild learn to read and that is one of my goals,” says Kory. “We have invented several really great tools that let Mobad’s artists create stories that include animation, interactivity and most importantly the ability to touch a word and hear that word spoken all in a 3D environment that lets the child explore a much richer, deeper scene than they can on the printed page.”

Welcome to Story app

The first storybook Mobad Media created was Penelope Rose, an engaging story of how the littlest fairy saves the roses.  As the story goes….a long time ago, roses had no color at all. Animals and the creatures of the forest didn’t like them very much because they would bump into them and bonk their noses or get ouch thorns stuck in their unlucky rabbits feet. Rather than rip them out by their roots Penelope decides to paint the roses to save the beautiful flowers. Children can drag Penelope around with her paintbrush to color the roses.


And now, Mobad Media has created a series of Peek ‘n Play Story Apps, building a beautiful 3D world filled with animation, illustration, and sound effects. They have partnered with publishers and authors to develop six more Story Apps with unicorns, monsters, bugs and furniture that come alive. And be sure to look for the newly released bi-lingual story, Rosita y Conchita.


You can choose to read these stories to your grandchildren, or let them hear the narration and play to their hearts content as they explore all of the interactive features and find the hidden prizes on each page. Kory and Mobad Media want to create apps that grandparents enjoy with their grandkids, as well as educationally entertain them for fifteen minutes when you need to hurry and get dinner ready.