What Do You Get When You Drop a Pumpkin?

Oct 20, 2022 | Funtime

What Do You Get When You Drop a Pumpkin?

Kids love riddles and jokes. It’s a great way to laugh and at the same time, tease the brain. Here are some “Fall” jokes to share with your grandkids:

What do you use to mend a jack-o-lantern? A: A pumpkin patch.

The nurse walked into the busy doctor’s office and said, “Doctor, the invisible man is here.” The doctor replied, “Sorry, I can’t see him.”

Who won the skeleton beauty contest? A: No body.

Who helps the little pumpkins cross the road to school? A: The Crossing Gourd.

What do you get when you divide the circumference of your jack-o-lantern by its diameter? A: Pumpkin Pi.

I’m tall when I’m young, I’m short when I’m old, and every Halloween I stand up inside Jack-o-lanterns. What am I? A: A candle.

If money really did grow on trees, what would be everyone’s favorite season? A: Fall.

What do you get when you drop a pumpkin? A: Squash.

A family of fall leaves were trying to change a light bulb. A squirrel walked by and asked why the bulb wasn’t changed yet. The red leaf said, “Because we keep falling.”

What happened when the turkey got in a fight? A: He got the stuffing knocked out of him.

Who lives in the scary Hundred Acre Wood? A: Winnie the Boo.

What did one leaf say to another? A: I’m falling for you.

Why are all Superman costumes tight? A: They’re all size S.

Why do birds fly south in the fall? A: Because it’s too far to walk.

Why is Dracula so easy to fool? A: Because he’s a sucker.

*article source: allprodad.com

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