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What Your Grandchildren Really Want This Holiday Season !

What Your Grandchildren Really Want This Holiday Season !

Here’s a gift your grandchildren will treasure all year long.

As the holidays creep up on us, the question of what to get for the grandkids for holiday gifts becomes less of an activity in speculation and more of a nagging feeling. Many kids have so many toys that their parents actively campaign against receiving more of them. And giving gift cards or money just doesn’t seem very festive. What’s a grandparent to do?

How about the gift of reading?

Books always make great gifts and your local bookseller will have great suggestions of books for your grandchildren, no matter what their ages or reading levels. But, if you want something just a little more special, a gift that keeps on giving, try a magazine subscription. With the gift of a magazine, your grandchild will receive a reminder of your love all year long as each issue lands in their mailbox.

Once you settle on a magazine as the perfect gift, you have a lot of choices, so here are some guidelines to help you cut through the noise and discover a magazine with the exact qualities your grandchildren will love.


First, let’s start with what makes a great magazine. Just like great picture books, the best magazines contain 5 key characteristics:

  • Beautiful illustrations
  • Well-drawn characters that kids can relate to
  • Stories with substance
  • Re-readability
  • No advertisements

Most magazines will contain one or two of these attributes but fall short in other ways. For example, a magazine that has no ads may lack lovable characters or beautiful illustrations. If you do your research, you’ll discover that very few magazines combine all of these attributes into one product. Some of the few that do are Cricket Media’s “Bug Magazines”: BABYBUG, LADYBUG, SPIDER, CRICKET, and CICADA.


Fwhat-your-grandchildren-really-want-this-holiday-season-1or more than 25 years, BABYBUG has provided babies and toddlers with high-quality stories and poems specifically selected for this age group combined with beautiful illustrations. what-your-grandchildren-really-want-this-holiday-season-3LADYBUG is perfect for preschoolers with its beautiful illustrations and lovable characters. SPIDER is made specifically for emerging readers, giving them the chance to read both on their own and with a parent (or grandparent). CRICKET, the flagship publication for 9 to 14 year olds, has been recognized for its high-quality stories and artwork for more than 40 years. In fact, your kids probably grew up reading CRICKET!  And CICADA, for teens ages 15 and up, is perfect for older teens with its contemporary illustrations and stories today’s teen will relate to.

what-your-grandchildren-really-want-this-holiday-season2jpgSo, now you know what makes a great magazine and you are well on the way to finishing your holiday shopping.  Your grandchildren (and their parents) will thank you every time a new issue lands in their mailbox. To make sure your grandkids don’t miss an issue, subscribe to BABYBUG, LADYBUG, SPIDER, CRICKET or CICADA at:

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