Yarn Art for Kids!!

a special feature from Alison Goldberg, Enrichment Teacher*

Looking for something special to do with your grandchildren? Well here you go. Create a yarn wall hanging with your grandchild! This project is really great for the kids age 8+. However, if you do want to take on this endeavor with the younger kids, just know you will be doing more of the work. This project is fabulous because the kids can hang their finished product in their rooms. Go crazy and buy glitter yarn, metallic yarn, eyelash yarn, iridescent yarn, you name it.

Materials needed:
yarn, a stick, scissors


  1. Measure the desired yarn length to hang from the stick and double that yarn by folding it in half. That string will act as the guide for the rest of your yarn. Maybe cut two guides so you and your grandchild can both cut yarn.
    Yarn Art Photo 3
  2. Cut all the yarn you think you will use.
  3. Decide whether you want a pattern or random colors. This example shows random colors. For a pattern arrange yarn in its order before the next step.
    Yarn Art Photo #4
  4. Take 3-5 pieces of yarn. Align them together and fold them in half.
  5. Put the folded end of the yarn behind the stick to create a loop. Feed the loose ends of the yarn into the loop around/over the stick, and carefully pull to tighten.
    Yarn Art Photo #6

    Yarn Photo #8
  6. Repeat until you have filled most of the stick with hanging yarn. The back side with knots becomes the front side of the yarn art.
  7. Cut one piece of yarn to create a mounting piece by tying both ends to the edges of the leftover stick and knotted yarn.

Want to make it fancier? Cut pieces of yarn that are double the regular yarn length. Once knotted onto the stick, you can braid that section of yarn and tie off. You can also make knots tying all the yarn of the section together to create texture. Cut off any excess yarn hanging too long from the bottom.


*I’m Ali! I’m the Lead Enrichment Teacher at Piper Preschool. I develop and lead a wide array of classes including art, science, taste, construction, gardening, games, yoga, and literature. I’m a 30-year-old LA native, only child, raised by my single mother. My grandma, “Ommy”, was my second parent. She was the funniest person I’ve ever known. When I was no older than 5, Ommy and I had a craft day where we made a life size paper dress for me. Ommy wrote my name across the chest of the dress. We looked in the mirror and Ommy read my name aloud: “Nosila Grebdlog”. This was of course my name, Alison Goldberg, read backwards as it looked in the mirror. From that day forward, that was what Ommy affectionately called me. That craft day is one of many cherished memories with my Ommy.