6 Ways to Help Save Our Planet and Eat Well Too!We are always looking for new ways to help us better ourselves and the planet, so here are our 6 new ways to improve your lives!

Collapsible Water Bottle
1. Collapsible Water Bottle- Get yourself, your grandkids, anyone in your family, or even your coworkers a personal reusable water bottle! These Que travel bottles are perfect for your everyday adventures. This patented spiral design shrinks the bottle to half of its size, making it collapsible, lightweight, and stylish.  Get it here!

2. Go Vegan for Breakfast– (It’s easier than you think!) Cutting back on meat and dairy products is one of the most effective ways to downside your carbon footprint.

Bags that keep greens freakishly fresh
3. Bags that keep greens freakishly fresh– If your lettuce always seems to wilt before you get to it, invest in reusable Vejibags, which help keep produce fresh for weeks. Get it here!

4. Compost (for real!) – you know you should be composting those orange peels, but you aren’t entirely sure how (or why). Luckily, it doesn’t take much to turn it into a habit that keeps food waste.

5. Meal plan first, shop second!– Before you go to the grocery store each week, take 20 minutes to map out how many  meals you’ll be making at home. Account for dishes that make great leftovers (chili counts for at least two dinners!). Organize your shopping list around loose recipe ideas- stir-fried broccoli and tofu one night, pasta with sautéed kale the next- so that every fresh thing you put in your cart has a destination. If you’re left with a handful of herbs and one cucumber at the end of the week, well, that’s what chopped salad night is for!

6. Double down on Natural Wine– Natural wine is often made by small producers (not large commercial wineries) who care about the planet the same way that you do. The easiest way to show your support for their ethics is to buy their wines from a local shop where you can talk to someone about how your wine was made. No matter which bottle you end up taking home, you’re voting with your dollars for better environmental practices one glass of wine at a time!