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Ahh…feeling so good!

Ahh…feeling so good!

With all the eco- friendly baby products available from clothing, bedding, to soaps and washes and of course fun toys; it’s always a great idea to explore some options and places that maybe you just didn’t think of. So here we are again, giving you the thumbs up for some of our most favorites to share!


Sprout  (San Francisco/New York/Chicago)

You won’t believe what you will find in this store at these three locations now, or visit them at   Everything is natural, organic, 100% eco-friendly; from clothing, to toys, bedding, and nursery items you will get lost just trying to choose.  Their mission is their passion as they proclaim; “ to help make your home the healthiest and happiest place it can be for a child to live and grow.”  Here you’ll find fabulous style, a lot of fun items and everything under the sun.



Burt’s Bees adds their Clothing line now available at

For years Burt’s Bees have been known for their natural and personal care products all 100% natural and made in the USA.  Now they have expanded to produce a wonderful line of infant clothing that is made from 100% Organic Cotton and free of all toxins, as are all of their products.  You can find the most adorable welcome home baskets with bath time products, to towels, and now clothing outfits from onesies to hats and lounging outfits all at great prices and most with free shipping.  It’s no wonder they are now in the clothing business; Burt’s Bees surely walks the walk of natural and safe and green.



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