We all agree that bath time should not only be a fun time, but also first and foremost a safe time. Therefore, we can’t stress enough the need to choose the safest products for bathing our precious ones. Exclusive to the company, One Step Ahead, is the Secure Transitions Inflatable Baby Tub for babies who can sit up from about 6 months on.

This is a large and cozy inflatable bathtub with lots and lots of room to have fun, be safe, and to grow. It keeps your little ones secure and comfortable all the time, and makes it easy for you to bathe them. Out of all the inflatable tubs on the market, this is by far the sturdiest, durable, and safest. The bottom has an extra layer of air for extra support and adorable pockets keeps bath tools handy.  Best of all, this inflatable tub is easy to travel with: just deflate, pack and go. It’s easy and lightweight to inflate, assemble, and keep clean. What we love the most: the tub dries quickly, and fits perfectly flat in all tubs regardless of shape or slope.

Grab it here: Secure Transitions Inflatable Baby Tub