Be Persnickety About Your Chocolate

Mar 10, 2022 | Health & Well-Being

Be Persnickety About Your Chocolate

Are you a chocoholic? Love dark chocolate, brownies, fudge, chocolate soufflé, flourless chocolate cake, hot chocolate? Do you love how good it tastes, how incredible it smells? Well, you are not alone! Of course, not all chocolate is good for you, but some is. Choose wisely.

Chocolate tends to be sugary, contains caffeine and is high in calories. Thank goodness (lol), dark chocolate contains some health benefits, and here’s why:*

  • Dark chocolate contains 50% cocoa solids, while milk chocolate contains a minimum of 10%, and white chocolate contains no cocoa solids.
  • Chocolate has a lot of saturated fat, but the least processed it is, the better. Dark chocolate mostly consists of healthier fats, and a good amount of fiber and minerals like copper, iron, magnesium, and zinc.
  • Research shows that dark chocolate has antioxidant properties, since it’s rich in flavanols, which have been connected with decreased inflammation and blood flow, blood pressure, and overall heart health. That same improved blood flow can help your brain, which is why it’s associated with reduced stress and improved mood.
  • The darker the chocolate, the less sugar it contains.
  • It’s best to limit yourself to a small piece or two a few times a week, and opt for a cocoa content of 70% or higher.

The aroma of chocolate can stimulate our senses. Think chocolate chip cookies. And yes, chocolate melts in your mouth!  Is your mouth watering? Maybe it’s time for that piece of chocolate.  Savor the taste…


*Portions sourced and reprinted from, pp. 33-35.

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