It may be difficult to admit, but we bet almost every single one of us has succumbed to some serious blues. It’s easy to fall into a glum mood — or even a glum season. If it’s in your nature to wallow in your sorrows or to obsess over finding one big solution for everything that’s got you down in the dumps, try starting with the little things instead. You’ll be surprised at what a difference they can make! We like to believe that minor acts such as these are like seeds — though they’re little, they can help you grow out of your blues, remedy your gloom, and get you back on track toward a happier life. Here are 25 ways to get HAPPY this winter! *

See for yourself!

1. Get to the source. Write out your thoughts, if only for yourself to read.
2. Call your best friend and vent.
3. Watch cute animal videos.
4. Cook yourself a hearty meal.
5. Buy flowers for your desk.
6. Go for a dusky evening or early morning walk.
7. Listen to music.
8. Reread a book that calmed you once before.
9. Take a nap (and don’t feel guilty about it).
10. Clean your home.
11. Take a luxurious bath.
12. Bake a cake for someone you care about.
13. Plan your next vacation.
14. Splurge on something you’ve been eyeing.
15. Sing karaoke. Really — it works. Let yourself be goofy!
16. Make yourself go out and do something, even if it’s as simple as running an errand.
17. Take up an instrument.
18. Move around the furniture in your room. A change of scenery can be a godsend.
19. Get coffee with a very old friend.
20. Do yoga (even if you’ve never tried it before).
21. Visit a place connected with fond memories.
22. Spend a day actively being nice to everyone you encounter.
23. Try your hand at a DIY project.
24. Spend a night being as spontaneous as you can with an adventurous friend.
25. Say yes to social events, even if you don’t feel like it. (You can always end up leaving, but you might find that you don’t want to.)

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