One of the most essential muscles to our well-being is our brain – so how we boost our brain power is an important key to consider when it comes to our personal health. Creating a healthful environment for our brain is often overlooked and not attended to.  No doubt your daily life is like most of us: embracing a most hectic and solid routine. But, think about it…. we wake up and there’s a rhythm to what we do and how we do it: brushing our teeth, and which hand we use to do it… washing our face, putting on our shoes, how we fuel and feed our bodies.  Our brain is the recipient and storage unit for all things known as ‘function’.  Need we say more?

Here are 3 easy steps to help take care of what’s upstairs, so to speak! Oh, and before we start – remember to first eliminate stress, or any undue stress that you can control. It’s totally toxic.

GO DEEP:  Take your learning to the next level by using your brain for what it does best: fusing existing and new information. Try reaching for a pen and journal your thoughts – studies have shown that writing by hand, rather than typing, improves information processing as well as the ability to remember what you’re writing about. You can even take a digital time out and pen a personal note to someone – wow… the old fashion way!!

TWEAK YOUR DIET: A healthy brain diet looks a lot like a healthy body diet. It’s important to find a way to eat in a healthy fashion, which becomes your personal lifestyle.  All too often we go on diets for the purposes of weight loss – and what we are suggesting here is to find a balance of your eating habits to become your individual pal.  Start investigating what foods and combinations make you feel physically and mentally fit – it’s never too late to challenge yourself.

WORK OUT- ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU NEED TO BE EXTRA SHARP: It’s not news that exercise is good for your head. But how much activity do you need to maintain a mental advantage? Good news for you couch potatoes, previously sedentary adults who did an average of just 15 minutes of aerobic activity (like walking), five days a week, experience a significant improvement in their cognitive test scores, according to a recent study at the University of Kansas Medical Center. If you’re already active, keep it up, and ideally push yourself a little farther than you’re used to. At least once in a while!


*Portions sourced from  (November 2015)