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Creating Your Own Zen in Our Digital World

Creating Your Own Zen in Our Digital World

Oh yes, its true, no matter what age you are, e-mails, texting, and all the social media stimulus don’t just distract us… They have added to the bundle of stress for our everyday life.

And, our tech world doesn’t organize our lives by making us mobility reachable, it’s stealing from our lives: i.e. sleep, human contact, and socialization manners. What can we do about it?

Here are 4 great suggestions on how to manage the overload and get rid of the anxiety that builds into tension. Hey, try it, you may like it!



You’re just setting yourself up for a frenetic morning if you do. To avoid feeling defeated before even changing out of your pajamas, resist the urge to grab the phone as you roll out of bed. Instead, seize the day and focus on offline activities like packing lunch. This way, you’ll kick off your morning feeling productive. Then tackle the inbox!


You don’t need to go cold turkey. Just check your messages less often. A 2015 university of British Columbia study suggests that by curbing the habit to three times a day, you’ll feel as calm as you would from taking up a relation technique, such as visualization (that’s when you picture yourself on a beach or some other tranquil place.) The key is to figure out when you have to be plugged in and when you don’t.


It’s bad enough that nine out of ten Americans use their devices an hour before bed. What’s worse, though, is that 49 percent swipe their phones on in the middle of the night when they’re struggling to fall asleep, according to a 2015 study by Larry Rosen, professor of phycology. The problem? What helps you get to sleep and stay asleep is the buildup of the hormone melatonin in your blood after dark. However, the blue light waves emitted from your screen disrupt that process.


If it’s not your phone stressing you out, it’s other people. Phones compete in the most nerve-racking way: by cutting us off without warning, so we’re kept on high alert. Conversation is critical to our collective well-being, it’s the most human thing we do. Make efforts, then, to meet others in person, and mutually agree to leave those pesky disrupters in your bags.*






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