The Center for Disease Control has issued a recent report indicating the rise in suffocation for babies due to the ‘clutter’ in the crib environment.  Bumpers, toys, and all the accessories in the crib are a recipe for danger, and it’s no doubt that we want babies to be safe.  While it’s inviting to buy all the beautiful and coordinated nursery items for the crib; this is an accident waiting to happen.  Avoid temptation, and be mindful of your responsibility as a parent or grandparent.  And, if you have to, speak up: you may save a life. If you really want that ‘decorated’ look, take a peek at using a coordinated crib sheet with a matching crib skirt – you can make a baby’s room attractive and appealing minus the danger.


Just recently, NBC aired a special investigative report on just how we as the general public get roped into buying all these things, which are potential hazards. Below is a direct link and excerpt for your information – we hope you will pass this message along.


*Rossen Reports: Crib products may be deadly, experts say

There’s a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention saying more and more babies are suffocating while sleeping, and they’re warning parents to keep cribs empty. And that got us thinking about all those fluffy toys, blankets and bumpers you put in your baby’s crib. They look adorable in the store displays, but some experts say infants are dying from them — because companies and stores are putting profit over safety.

We went on a shopping spree undercover at some of the most popular baby stores in the country selling the must-haves for any new parent. “That bumper is nice and soft,” one salesperson said, indicating a crib accessory.


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