We take care of our grandchildren and always hope and pray nothing will happen on our watch. It’s important to have a signed medical authorization letter, including insurance information, stating if something was to happen to one of our grandkids and we need to seek medical care, the child’s parents have indeed given us permission to care for, and to consent for medical treatment for the child. Either Mom or Dad can write the letter, or you may prefer a more detailed form, such as this one.

Download the form

Another important note: your grandchild’s pediatrician and dentist should have a copy of this letter in the child’s medical chart. Be prepared and discuss this with your family now, before the need arises.


A few more valuable tidbits here:

Emergency telephone numbers should be posted next to a centrally located phone in your home. Include the following:


–Mom and Dad’s work/cell


–Neighbor and/or relative

–Police, Fire and Paramedics 911

–Poison Control Center

–Closest hospital emergency room/urgent care (with address)



–Any special medical or medication instructions, including allergies

–Children’s names with birth dates

–Home address, phone number, and nearest cross street


And, if the parents are geographically distant, there should be a detailed copy of the itinerary with hotel and/or local contact phone numbers.


We strongly suggest you speak to your grandchildren’s parents regarding all of the aforementioned valuable information.