Think about your food while you’re eating:  How does it taste? Are you enjoying your meal or are you shoveling it in?  How does it make you feel after eating it?  Does it give you energy?  Does it make your stomach happy or upset?  Does it make you feel guilty?  Take this time to answer these questions, and we can almost guarantee you will begin to weed out the items that make you feel less than happy and/or satisfied, and you will keep the foods that help you feel nourished.

Thank you to Karen Schwalbe-Jones, owner of Harmony Studios in Los Angeles ( for giving us all these great tips on eating well and paying attention to what we are eating.

Do you think you eat well?— When you start your day: choose an eating goal.  Tell yourself that you will eat unprocessed foods, you will stay away from desserts, or eat a large salad (ahem…without the blue cheese dressing).

— Write it ALL down.  It may seem like you know what you eat, but you really don’t.  No one really does.  Not even me!  Writing down your eating habits will force you to think about your intake, you won’t want to eat the things you shouldn’t because you’ll have to write it down. I Promise. This one works!

— If you are busy working or traveling, it’s still easy to eat healthily on the go.  At the start of the week, Sunday preferably, think about what your week is like and make some meals ahead of time that will go to work with you and/or travel with you.  Think of storing foods in large plastic containers in your refrigerator:  salad, chicken and wheat pasta, fresh deli meats, and veggies, my list goes on.  When you leave the house, transfer the food to smaller storage or baggies.

— Put down the juice!  Seriously a weight-gainer if there is one!  It could have twice as many calories and sugar than the real thing — and less fiber, thus less satisfying.  Eat food- don’t drink it.  Simple!

Karen Schwalbe Jones is the Owner of Harmony Studios, a Pilates Based Movement Studio. For more information please peruse Harmony Studios’ site: