Finding Meaning in The Mundane
At the very moment we wake in the morning, human nature is establishing our perspective on the day ahead. It’s almost like a blinking light that goes off and sets us up for the hours moving forward. The humdrum of daily repetition can make it easy to slip into the lull of autopilot without taking control of where and what can be. But, if we are willing to give ourselves a gentle little shake, to become truly awake to the day’s possibilities, we can instead notice all the goodness hiding in plain sight. And suddenly, the ‘everyday’ will start to look and feel a lot more meaningful. Try setting an intention for your day. Make sure to take the positive outlook with you in your daily adventures, as you’ll never know when a family member, a friend, the mailman or even store clerk is feeding off your energy!  Your aura embraces you and is evident in your mannerisms and actions.

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*Portions of article sourced from: Magnolia Magazine, Spring 2020, page 54.