Who are you and what do you want to be?

from the desk of Kay and Leslie, Founders Grandparentslink.com

It’s daunting, huh,…we had our own children, raised them, and now we see them embrace their own. The circle of life, it’s a miracle we all cherish.  But let’s be honest here, being a grandparent is not only rewarding, but can cause family disagreements and a whole new barrage of rules and regulations.  Just when life was getting simpler, it just got more complicated.

What kind of grandparent are you? What kind of grandparent do you aspire to be? These are questions you need to think about; because between us all, this generation of grandparents brings life experiences, understanding and a level of devotion.  We are more mobile, tech savvy, and attuned. Yep, that’s who we are, a whole new generation. And the circle gets larger.

Take some time out to figure out who and what you want to be. It all goes so quickly.  How will you best leave your mark on your grandchildren’s lives?  Will you teach them about your life experiences?  Will you make time to lie in the grass and count the stars? Are you totally ‘present’ when you are with them?  What do you want from this relationship?

Yes, grandparenting is as much about you as it is respecting the parents of the ones you love the most.  It’s not good to become so obsessed with your grandchildren to the extent that you forget your life, your spouse, your friends, or the things that you love and make your life full.  Don’t depend on your children to make you happy through their children; nothing is taken for granted in the family relationship.  Be sure to ask yourself where you could improve – maybe not to sit in judgment of how your daughter or daughter-in-law chooses to clothe her child or what songs are sung.  Being a grandparent means being the best you can be — again.

Remember grandkids are lucky to have you in their lives and you are lucky to have people in your life that give you so much joy.  It is important not to rely on them for your own personal emotional support or satisfying your needs. That’s too much responsibility to bear.  And – do not guilt them into caring for you. Above all else, listen and honor the parents of your grandchildren; they hold the cards – all of them.

Remember one thing: the heart is a big muscle and has lots of room. Enjoy every moment and don’t waste precious time fixating on the little things that do not really matter in the big picture.

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