The hearing aid provider,, recently received a heartwarming letter from a woman who purchased hearing aids for the first time and experienced more than just better hearing.

After three weeks of wearing her new hearing aids, Lisa, a retired social worker, realized how important it is to be able to hear – especially when you live alone.

One night, as she watched TV in her bedroom, she heard a faint whimpering sound coming from the corner of her room.

When she looked, her dog, Bailey, appeared to be in some sort of pain. She immediately got dressed and took Bailey to the nearest emergency vet.

The vet discovered that Bailey had a serious infection in his abdomen and needed to be treated right away. So the vet took care of Bailey, gave Lisa some aftercare instructions, and sent them on their way.

According to the vet, Lisa’s quick response to Bailey’s cries saved his life. Had she not noticed the sound coming from the corner of her room, her beloved pooch would not be here today – and this is all thanks to her hearing aids.

Lisa’s story is a reminder of how hearing loss impacts every detail of our lives. We may know how difficult it may be to understand speech when hearing loss is present, but sometimes, it’s the things we tend to overlook – like our furry companions – that are affected the most.

Hearing aids today are capable of not only amplifying sounds, but also cancelling out background noise automatically. Even though Lisa’s TV was on, her hearing aids were still able to pick up the soft cries of her dog.

Whether you’re an active person or you prefer to spend your days at home like Lisa, modern hearing aids are adaptable to any lifestyle. carries the latest models in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Not only that, they have an exclusive Hearing Success Program that guarantees better hearing with your new hearing aids in just 30 days or your money back!


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