Accidents can occur anytime to children at anytime, anywhere. No one is exempt. Why not be fully prepared? You will be more knowledgeable and as a result, worry less.

Baby MEDBASICS is a convenient and attractive essential guidebook, giving you all the information you need for “what to do” regarding emergencies. A mom who is a registered nurse, and a dad who is a doctor developed this product. While there are oodles of reference guides available on the market, none offer a concise and easy way to locate information regarding a particular emergency and what to do. Given that scenario, Baby MEDBASICS was developed to achieve a quick and easy reference guide in the event of a lifesaving emergency or otherwise. After saving their son during a choking incident, the developers of this product sought to give everyone who cares for children, important information to avoid a moment of panic and turn it into a moment of action. This mini-book ensures that you will have step-by-step instructions on CPR, choking, poisoning, just to name a few categories.

This easy to read guide with convenient tabs comes in several sizes and colors. There is the Home Pack which is a large version to keep handy in your home; your sitter, families and caregivers will sigh with relief knowing an easy to reference guide is under the roof. There is also the Travel Pack – super portable and compact. Measuring only 5×6 inches, this is a smaller version that can go anywhere and everywhere – including clipping onto a stroller, purse, or diaper bag. There’s no excuse now, these guides offer all the information you could possibly need.

A perfect gift, Baby MEDBASICS ($25) is so easy anyone can use it and goes wherever anywhere. This is one product you can’t afford not to have.

Go to and order yours before its too late.

Get your life saving book here:Baby Medbasics: Lifesaving Action Steps at Your Fingertips: Birth to One Year

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