Need A Pick-Me-Up?
If you’ve recently had a bad day…bad week…or let’s face it, bad year like 2020, you want to forget about it (at least for a while), right? Our suggestion- try a few of the following strategies to help lighten your mood!*

No matter how positive and happy you usually are, there’ll be days when you feel miserable and out of sorts, after all, we’re only human! Bad days happen! Even with the best intentions and a cheerful outlook, life doesn’t always go according to plan. And if your morning gets off to a less-than-happy-start, it might set the tone for the rest of the day, especially if you keep going over the events that brought your spirits down in the first place.

Try not to let it eat away at your precious time, because while you can’t change what happened, you can alter your response to good-mood thieves by turning your attention to people, places, and pleasures that make you feel more upbeat.

At first, you might think you couldn’t care less and settle down for a day of blues. However, we need to practice what we try and teach our children and grandchildren everyday…yes, you have choices. Switching your focus on to things that make you feel lighter and brighter will help diffuse lingering irritations and frustrations. YOU HAVE TO MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICE TO CHANGE YOUR MOOD! Here are a few of our favorite mood-improvers that might help you to make the best of an otherwise challenging day….

For a quick pick-me- up:

BREATHE– Taking conscious, deep breaths when things aren’t going your way can help. Focus on inhaling joy and exhaling tension and repeat until you’re feeling more upbeat.

READ A POSITIVE AFFIRMATION- A few wise words can lift your spirits. Recite a positive affirmation or receive an inspiring note from the universe (the website is useful for this) to remind you that life is magical!

Five-minute pick-me-ups:

WRITE A GRATITUDE LIST- Your day might not have started well, so focus on what you’re thankful for. Look for all the positives, no matter how small or insignificant they may seem at first. Expressing gratitude brings a state of inner peace and grace. 

LISTEN TO MUSIC THAT MOVES YOUR SOUL- Create a go-to playlist of much-loved songs! Try and pick songs that can bring you back to a specific magical moment where you were once listening to that very song, enjoying the magics of life!

For a leisurely pick-me-up:

EXERCISE- Overcome a low mood by getting out of your head and into your body. Go for a walk, run, or cycle. Or why not just dance around your kitchen!?

HAVE A DELICIOUS LUNCH- Treat yourself to a wholesome meal. If you’re cooking for yourself, be immersed in the experience and enjoy rustling up some colorful, delicious food!


*Portions of article sourced from: Breathe; The Staying Home issue. P.13