Grandparents Link asked Karen Schwalbe Jones, Owner of Harmony Studios in Los Angeles ( to give us some pertinent tips on working out. She gives us wonderful ideas on how to keep ourselves on a program, and how to think “exercise”. Here you go…


–For one day, schedule a time to work out and then stick to it—even if you can exercise for only 10 minutes.  At the end of the day, ask yourself how you feel and if you were any less productive (ie, you did have the time!).  Most likely, the answer will be “great!” and “no” respectively.


— If the 10 minute experiment described above works, then why not try a 20 minute challenge? Instead of waiting for the time to get in your 45 or 60 min workout, do 20 minutes — cardio and/or weight bearing exercises.  Every day.  Something.  Move consistently for 20 minutes (walking thru the mall or grocery store is not what I’m talking about).  Your bod and brain will feel better, stronger, and more confident. GET UP N GO.  Now!


–If what we are trying to do is increase our metabolism, stay fit and if need be, lose weight: try 3 sets of 15 repetitions of each of squats, bridges, plank, lunges, dips and push-ups.  This will take you less than 15 minutes, covers ALL your body parts and challenges your balance and coordination.  AND! these are body weight exercises thus, increasing bone density too!  Done and done!


— Stretching is an “is” thing.  Being flexible doesn’t mean one is healthier than the person who isn’t and vice versa.  MANY people who are flexible are in need of new knees and shoulders, and then there are folks who are “stiff” who feel great!  A person is born with a certain amount of flexibility, and most can gain up to about 30% more flexibility.  While that increase is a benefit because it increases blood flow to joints, tissue and bones, it doesn’t mean that a person who is hyper-mobile is healthier than the person who isn’t.  How about we work with what we’ve got and stop comparing to the others (blanket statement for life eh? but right now we’re talking flexibility ok?)


— At the start of your week, Sunday afternoon preferably, plan your workout days.   This scheduling will make your healthy life happen and will help guarantee your other life doesn’t take over!