Perfect Pumpkin Peel

Nov 12, 2015 | Experts Corner, Health & Well-Being

Give yourself something extraordinary!

a special feature from Ashley Beckman Murray, licensed acupuncturist & herbalist*

It’s that time of year when we immerse ourselves in ‘everything pumpkin’. Do you know that pumpkin is a carotenoid rich in vitamin A, a building block of collagen and cell regeneration? Pumpkin naturally contains salicylic acid and zinc, two widely studied treatments proven effective for acne treatment and prevention. It naturally exfoliates and gently peels the skin resulting in fresh, glowing skin.

Try this nourishing peel!

1 Tblsp oats (ground is ideal)

1 Tblsp pureed pumpkin
1 Tblsp raw honey   If vegan just omit; it will still be very effective.

(You may also mix peel with some almond meal or oat flour.)

-Mix all ingredients.
-Paste roasted pumpkin puree right on your face…
gently apply in a circular motion for 5 minutes.

You may leave peel on for 5-20 minutes.  Let it dry and rinse with warm water.

Suitable for: Normal Skin, Dry or Mature, Sensitive or Acne-prone

*Ashley Beckman Murray, L.Ac., MATCM, is a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist in Los Angeles, specializing in pain management, fertility, detoxification, headaches, stress reduction and facial rejuvenation. She is co-founder of Golden Path Alchemy, an organic skincare company based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Ashley graduated from Yo San University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and holds a degree in International Business and Marketing from the University of Texas, and attended world-renown Dr. Luc DeSchepper’s Renaissance Institute of Classical Homeopathy. She studies the healing properties of herbs, holistic nutrition, flower essences, essential oils, light color therapy and whole foods, and combines all these elements to instill holistic lifestyle change. Contact:, or

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