We love vegetation, but we must be careful with some plants, trees, flower and shrubs because they are indeed poisonous. For more information on the following list, please refer to the Texas A&M website: aggie-horticulture.tamu.edu

Plant                                                                           Toxic Part

House Plants

Dieffenbachia, Elephant Ear                                                All parts

Hyacinth, Narcissus, Daffodil                                   Bulbs

Oleander                                                                    Leaves, branches

Rosary Pea, Castor Bean                                          Seeds


Flower Garden Plants

Autumn Crocus, Star of Bethlehem                         Bulbs

Bleeding Heart                                                          Foliage, roots

Foxglove                                                                     Leaves

Iris                                                                              Underground Stems

Larkspur                                                                    Young plant, seeds

Lily-of-the-Valley                                                       Leaves, flowers

Monkhood                                                                  Fleshy roots


Ornamental Plants:

Azaleas, Rhodendrons, Laurels                                All parts

Daphne                                                                      Berries

Golden Chain                                                             Bean-like capsules in which the

seeds are suspended

Jasmine                                                                      Berries

Lantana Camara (Red Sage)                                                Green berries

Wisteria                                                                      Seeds, pods

Yew                                                                             Berries, foliage


Trees and Shrubs

Black Locust                                                               Bark, sprouts, and foliage

Elderberry                                                                 All parts, especially roots

Oaks                                                                            Foliage, acorns

Wild and cultivated cherries                                   Twigs, foliage

*This list was reprinted from materials by the Texas State Department of Health and the National Safety Council.