Regardless of the season, make sure the kids are hydrated, as water is an important element of a healthy diet. It’s that simple.


Often times we have to make an effort to be sure no one ever becomes dehydrated, so it is important that we hydrate ourselves and those we care for.  The company that brought filtered water to our fingertips, Brita®, has recently introduced Brita® Bottle for Kids, a really nifty idea for kids of all ages to have filtered purified water readily available.  These bottles come in three snazzy designs: green with squares, navy blue with a sports motif, and pink butterflies for that special little girl in your life.  They are 13oz. squeezable and reusable bottles with a built–in filter that provides an affordable, fun and convenient solution for kids to drink great tasting water on the go all the time.  The bottle is dishwasher safe, BPA-free and saves a whole heck of a lot of money when you are using this container instead of buying water bottle after water bottle.  All of this makes us eco-friendly to boot.  NO more waste throwing those bottles in the garbage, or half-used water bottles lying around.


Most of all, having one of these for the kids is a great idea. It helps ditch all those sugary juices and drinks, and promotes healthy hydration and diet for all ages. How nice is it for your grandchildren or grandfriends to have their own environmentally and healthy bottle waiting for them at your own home?


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