What’s IN and What’s OUT for Your Nutrition 2023

Jan 29, 2023 | Health & Well-Being

What’s IN and What’s OUT for Your Nutrition 2023

Nutrition can sometimes be as much of a fad as bell bottoms or 8-track tapes. Now that we have so much more of a developed society on health and wellness, we know for sure that certain things are really good for you no matter what age. For instance, remember the days when the portions of food were supersized, and you were told to eat everything on your plate? That’s out now- yes, you can eat everything on your plate, but at least watch the calories or fat count and know serving sizes are better if they are a fistful, not a basketball! 

Predicting nutrition trends in the years to come is not an exact science, and the last two years with the presence of COVID-19 have proven this. Who could have predicted that immunity would be so strongly in the spotlight? It is therefore difficult to be certain about what will be in 2023 in the world of nutrition and health. However, given the direction taken in recent months, a global trend is emerging: that of positive nutrition. Let’s find out!

Nutrition trend No.1: going further in the nutritional improvement of foods
Gone are the days of guilt, of products full of artificial sweeteners, reduced in fat and sugar. On the contrary, the trend today is towards the positive, the better, the more. More protein, more unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, that’s what drives consumers. Many product categories are already affected by this trend in nutrition. Among them, two outstanding examples:

  • Beverages: there has been a real boom in ready-to-drink beverages, which are increasingly healthy and rich in nutrients.
  • Healthy snacking: development of the range of protein-enriched on-the-go products.

For manufacturers, the major challenge is to offer healthier products that taste just as good!

Nutritional trend No.2: making clean labels a must
Today, the clean label is a challenge for manufacturers. Tomorrow, clean label will be a prerequisite to maintaining consumer confidence and support. Indeed, this trend is boosted by the access to information provided by food scanning applications. 

3 out of 5 consumers worldwide say they are interested in knowing more about the origin and production of their food. Short and understandable ingredient lists, simple and natural ingredients, consumers’ expectations are high. Driven by this demand, manufacturers will likely have no choice but to include the clean label as an obligation in their specifications.

Nutrition trend No.3: promoting a more sustainable diet
Beyond the health and clean label aspects, the term positive nutrition also encompasses environmental and ethical dimensions. Indeed, environmental concerns are becoming increasingly important in the minds of consumers. Many are looking for more sustainable food and expect a stronger commitment from companies.

Manufacturers will therefore be required to work even harder on:

  • Reducing the carbon impact of their products and activities
  • Local and ethical sourcing of their ingredients
  • Improving animal welfare

AND, the three dimensions essential to the promotion of sustainable food:

  • Responsible towards the planet
  • Responsible nutrition and pleasures
  • Responsible towards people.


ortions sourced from: https://www.lactalisingredients.com/news/blog/on-the-horizon-for-2023-at-the-heart-of-nutrition-trends/

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