What’s your Boiling Point?

Mar 17, 2024 | Health & Well-Being

What’s your Boiling Point?
Have you ever asked yourself- does anger really get you anywhere? Are you able to control your own personal outburst, loose tongue, or lack of consideration by not being able to control yourself?
Let’s be honest at one time or another, we are all guilty of losing control of our emotions. There’s no denying it. No one is insulated from this behavior. And yes, at one time or another, we are all guilty of raising our voices to a level that isn’t ok and speaking in disrespectful manner to another person.

Just like happiness, sadness, disgust, fear, and surprise, anger is just another emotion. It is normal to get angry every now and then and there is nothing wrong in it.

In fact, anger is a healthy emotion if it is under your control. It is a way of conveying something that you do not wish to happen or don’t want to happen.

Anger is bad only when it is exploding, and the person could not contain it inside anymore. This type of explosion not only consumes your brain activity, but also puts your mental and physical health in jeopardy.

Be it seniors or youngsters, it is important to draw your imaginary boundaries of safe anger and never cross them. Because the impact of a 5-minute sheer anger can disturb the total mechanism of your body for days. And nonetheless wreak havoc on those around you.

The first step to deal with anger issues starts with the thoughts. A clear reflection on your thought process as to which thoughts are leading anger can help you prevent most recurrences of anger-induced situations.

  • Stressors: 67% of people with anger issues say that their inability to manage stress is causing the anger issues.
  • Prejudice: Preconceived opinions on various things in life can lead to frustration and anger. Observe to see if you are using you always do this.
  • Obsession: Things can happen a certain way based on the situation. If you have prefixed mind on how something can or will happen, be ready to be disappointed and life is not that predictable.
  • Compulsions: Compulsive behavior and thoughts can replace your mind with negative thoughts. Picking up moments of the past and overlooking the positive moments will become a daily routine. This is mostly observed between couples.
  • Blame Game:Blaming is a negative reaction and shows clear lack of compassion. Refrain from blaming your spouse or partner for anything and everything that went wrong.

One, simply, cannot replace anger and be always peaceful. Getting angry is a part of life. Anger becomes an issue only when you do not know how to handle it. Well, here are a few tips that work great if you practice.

  • Make the issue your priority, not the person:Always remember that the relationship and the person are important, not your anger. Winning an argument strengthens your anger but at the cost of the relationship.
  • Forgive and forget:Forgiving takes a lot of character and forgetting is a virtue sometimes. Practice these two great qualities of life to live in abundance of love and joy.
  • Focus on positive aspects of life:Being mindful of your actions and finding your own stress relieving practices will add more positivity to your everyday life.
  • Ease your stress:Find ways to relieve stress and anger from your being- try meditation, yoga or write in a journal. Simple steps produce big benefits!

It is not easy to curb your anger in a single step. It takes consistent practice and a lot of character amendments. Being in the moment, not getting carried away by a situation, and being mindful of the consequences before uttering a word always help you manage your anger.



*Portions of article sourced from: www.athulyaliving.com

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