5 Ways to Achieve Family Harmony

Mar 13, 2022 | Special Features by Leslie & Kay, founders

5 Ways to Achieve Family Harmony

a special feature form Kay & Leslie, founders grandparentslink.com

Yes, it’s true.
It is possible despite all the different personalities, needs, dispositions, temperaments, and personas, to achieve family harmony.  This notion of being unified on the basis of mutual family respect, tolerance, consideration, and love, doesn’t mean that anyone will lose their identity. The ability to trust, support, and communicate differences in a constructive manner, and look beyond the selfness, will only procure a healthy picture of family and connections.

Now, mind you, none of this is without arguments, and disagreements which are so very healthy in relationships.  Remember, how you express yourself and how it is presented, often times becomes the difficult exercise, and knowing how and when to control ourselves, takes self-discipline, common sense and a respect for others no matter what the age.  Your voice counts in the family network; use it wisely.

Here’s our 5 suggestions ….

  • Timing is everything. Think about what you say and when to express yourself.  Is this the best time possible to express my opinion or give my suggestion?
  • Have I really considered the other family member’s feelings or situation before expressing my own? Am I coming from a judgmental corner, or am I offering honest expression?
  • Am I mindful and tolerant that others in the family may not see situations the same as myself? Do I acknowledge that everyone has an opinion and a right to express the same, and therefore I am practicing tolerance?
  • Learn to take a step away when the urge is to jump right into a conversation that may not involve you or have any effect upon you. Often, we tend to use our own experiences to create a platform to our family members whereby insisting they should follow instead of finding their own way.  We must allow others in the family to establish their own personal footprint.
  • Let others in the family know you come from the corner of love, consideration, and good will when you express yourself. Let them know your opinion is not a ‘fait accompli’, that your word is not the last word of advice. Listen to what the other person is saying instead of focusing on what you want to say next. Having the ability to have healthy conversations requires the idea that there is an exchange, not just a one-way soapbox for your personal views.

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