6 Ways to Make Someone’s Day
A key component to our own happiness often lies in the answer to this question: what are we doing to make others happy?*

Sometimes the best things we can do for others are the simple things we often overlook. Today’s list is a small collection of things we can do to recognize and appreciate the people around us. So simple, yet everlasting.

1. Believe in them. It makes such a huge difference to other people when you can encourage their ideas and aspirations without trying to “fix” them. Our friends aren’t always looking for advice. Often, they’re just looking for someone who is willing to support their dreams. Be that person…it really can make all the difference.

2. Compliment the unexpected. Certainly, it feels good when someone gives you a compliment on something obvious, like a new haircut or piece of clothing. But unexpected compliments can go even further, such as telling a hustling busboy that you appreciate his hard work or letting your mailman know that you really appreciate his services. We all may think of split-second compliments each day, but since they don’t feel like the kind we’re used to, we don’t give them. Recognize the positive thoughts you think about others, and then share them. It will make you happy and it will certainly do the same for them.

3. Surprise Notes. Getting a note is kind of like getting mail…it just feels good. Surprise notes can really be anything you make of them, from a heartfelt “thank you” letter to a simple “have a great day!” It’s the unexpectedness that reminds people they are special and not routine. Surprise notes can be left in surprise places, like in between the pages of a book they’re reading, or attached to their morning O.J., but they can also be something more simple, like a post-it stuck to their bathroom mirror or a letter placed on their laptop keyboard. It doesn’t really matter where you put your surprise notes, just that you give them in the first place.

4. Pay for the person after you.  Just imagine…with as much money as it costs to buy someone a cup of ice cream, you can make several people’s days and give them a memory that lasts for years.

5. Use their name. Remember reading somewhere that the sweetest sound to anyone is the sound of their own name? Doesn’t it make sense? Hearing your name is like a validation that you exist to other people. Even better? Make up a nickname for someone (unless they hate your nickname and then you should probably stop using it!).
Often times a special name is so unique, it really makes someone feel extra special indeed!

6. Say “Please” and “Thank you.” This one should be a no-brainer, but it’s also pretty subjective when you start to question what you should say it for. Our theory is that if you’re requesting something or being given something, even if it’s just “can you pass the salt?” then you should add “please” and “thank you” to your words. It’s a small token of gratitude for the things we do for each other everyday.



*Portions of article reprinted from: https://www.melyssagriffin.com/9-ways-to-make-someones-day/