Beware of The Tiny Truth Teller

Sep 27, 2020 | Special Features by Leslie & Kay, founders

Beware of The Tiny Truth Teller
Watch what you say in front of kids…. seriously! Sometimes as adults we really need to filter what comes out of our mouths.  Those cute, adorable, and loving little munchkins are watching, listening, and taking it all in.

Tiny truth tellers’ divulge all too often a little too much information and truths about parents, grandparents, or family. There’s no filter and often our inclination is to absolutely fall to the floor laughing and chuckling when these faux pas occur. What would you do in these situations?

Here’s some hilarious examples of those tiny truth tellers speaking their truth…

Two little kindergarteners were sitting quietly at the table having their mid morning snack. Their teacher had just begun a lesson about boys and girls…

One little boy got very excited and raised his hand, “Oh, Miss Amy, I know the difference. Boys have penises and girls do not.” Immediately a little girl stood up and chimed in, “Oh yes, we do. My mommy is all grown up and she has one in her drawer!”

At class dismissal of 4-year-olds, one little boy peers through the window of adults waiting patiently for the door to open…

He says, “There’s my grandma and my daddy, and also there’s my daddy’s girlfriend. My mommy says she’s a slug.” 

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