Creating the Togetherness of It All

a special feature from Kay Ziplow, co-founder

Everyone is just breathless, simply breathless regarding this pandemic of COVID-19. Our conversations have such urgency, and our tone that we use with one another is one of anxiety, uncertainly and stress.

I myself found that I am definitely more on edge, more cautious than ever before, with more sleepless nights worrying about when this will all be over. But the one thing I do know, is that I have personally witnessed a depth of kindness even if it is sharing toilet paper packages with a neighbor, or shopping for someone less able-bodied than myself or more at risk. Whatever the case, I know that we will have many stories and experiences to share once this is all behind us.
No doubt you would agree, and none of the above can come soon enough. We all hope the switch gets flipped soon.

Oh, and here’s a suggestion we wanted to pass along – looking maybe for something fun for the kids in the reading department? Here’s a great article with some wonderful suggestions – after all, we have to share our ideas to help get through this all.. Click here

Our own family has and will have their own experiences that will forever resonate in their lives going forward. And, so will yours. For instance, our daughter who now has her family home from elementary school for a time unknown, shared a little with us in a recent conversation.

As a parent of two small kids, here’s her assessment of the past weeks:

“Now that school was suspended, I am finding that my kids are shockingly relaxed and not uptight about our time in isolation, however uncertain the length may be. I feel like it has turned back time for us living in an such an overscheduled world. The kids are okay waking up and having nothing scheduled, nothing to rush to after school, no rushing to do homework, no rushing a quick snack before a sports event, eat dinner, and get in some leisure time before they go to bed and start all over again. The hamster wheel has officially stopped.

Yes, while all of this is a crazy, awful, and a very, very sad time in the world, the vibe at home has been dramatically relaxed. Since we are always on the go, and our lives are often so exhausting, we don’t stop and smell the flowers. Given this opportunity to pause in life has awakened my family to a life beyond scheduled activities. We have spent more time together taking long walks, watching leaves float in a downstream babbling brook, taking time to look at the colors in a sunset, and smiling as we lick bowls of gooey cookie dough. All of this we do together.

Oh, and I find that using food from our pantry is so satisfying; we have become creative with our choices together, resourceful and guess what… we really don’t need Uber-Eats. I don’t want this pandemic to go on any longer, but I can tell you as a family, we are strong, we are able, we are caring, loving, and kind to one another.”

Well, there you go, a little insight into what’s happening as we keep our social distances and deal with the challenges we all face. We hope that each and every one of you are safe and healthy, and remember, together we will overcome.