Do You Live Your Most Authentic Life?

Nov 6, 2022 | Special Features by Leslie & Kay, founders

Do You Live Your Most Authentic Life?

an exclusive  feature from Kay & Leslie, founders

As we age, we often tend to forget just who and what we are. That’s so sad, since we are more vital than ever — to our families and to ourselves and to our friends. This is not our last act, but the beginning of new and interesting experiences, and that’s why it’s so very important to do a little self-examination occasionally. A little check on the system never hurt anyone. 

Are you honest and true to yourself and others? We believe that now more than ever it’s important to take time out and self-evaluate who and what you are. Here’s a couple of simple considerations we offer up:

If you want to live an authentic life, you’ll need to first surround yourself with authentic people.  This means to give intentionally of your time and attention to people who are not only true to themselves, but also support you in your journey as you navigate life. That’s right- as we age, we need to again make choices of those who we surround ourselves with.  And, yes, your friends that you keep will be a reflection of your personal values and conviction. 

Next? Look in the mirror – and evaluate what and who you see. Yes, you can ask – ‘mirror, mirror on the wall- who is that I am looking at?’ Then, drop your mask and show up as the real and authentic person you are – who you see is what you get. Make a pact with yourself that your life is full, and your life is rich because you are true and honest. Be proud of all that you have evolved as and use your age as a foundation for wisdom and life choices. 

Last, let go of the white noise or the minutia in your life that has no place or sense to it. Release all the old beliefs that no longer are fitting or current and most of all, let go of the personal conditioning or patterns and judgments that no longer make sense. That’s right, just like the song says: “Let it Go”.

Whatever you do, take a moment for yourself- no doubt you may find that your path to a happy, fulfilling, and connected life is truly all about knowing exactly who you are. 

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